Meet Jamie Curd

    02.25.18 | Articles | Elders |

             Jamie was saved when he was thirteen at a church camp in Tennessee. At the time, he attended Water Valley Pentecostal Church with his family.            ...

    Meet Steve Delapp

    02.25.18 | Articles | Elders |

    Steve vividly recalls his salvation experience. As an eight year old boy, he’d been taught about Jesus. One night when he was in his bedroom at home, he prayed to ask Jesus to be his Lord and Savior. Soon thereafter, he was water baptized...

      Meet Darrell Ferrell

      02.25.18 | Articles | Elders |

               Darrell’s walk with God began at Pilot Oak Baptist Church, where he was saved and baptized when he was only fifteen years old. Later, his family moved their membership to High Point Baptist church. When he...

        Meet Rob Brown

        02.25.18 | Articles | Elders |

                   Rob was saved in his home on June 26, 1986. He was ten years old. He has been growing in his faith ever since. When he married his wife Syvillia, they decided to look for a church together. They...

          Meet Tracy Lee

          02.25.18 | Articles | Elders |

                    Tracy was saved and baptized at Albany First Baptist Church in Louisiana when he was twelve years old. He remained in church while he was young, and then strayed away from church for a while. Just over six years...