Worshiping God is our way of returning to Him our gratitude for His mercy and blessing toward us, and honoring Him in the way we live our lives every day. As a church family, however, we gather on Sundays to join other Christians in expressing our worship to Him as a unified family. 

God is the all-powerful, all-knowing, always present One. The believer’s worship must be pleasing to Him, and thus never taken lightly or done carelessly. In order for worship to be acceptable, it must be in the name of Jesus Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit, and done the way it is described in the Bible.

Every Christian can pray to and worship God directly only because of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection (Heb. 9:714). Jesus made it possible for us to come into the most holy presence of God, so that we may now enter and worship.  True worship, which is acceptable to God, is that which the Spirit inspires.

God does not accept a pretended worship. It is possible to bow your head, raise your hands, sing, and even kneel down without bowing your heart and soul in respect and reverence before God. True worshipers approach God with a desire to glorify Him and enjoy Him--to express our thankfulness to God for everything He has done for us, and to honor Him because He is holy, great, and good.  We should come without showiness and pride, but with sincerity and an offering of gratitude and prayer (John 4:24).

During each Sunday morning worship service at His House, we are invited by our worship leaders to remember how much we owe our lives and our freedom to Jesus. We also have an opportunity to tell God through songs and prayers how much we love and honor Him for Who He is as well as for what He has done for us. We do this through carefully chosen songs, lights dimmed so we can focus on God rather than on those around us, and an open invitation to come to the front and kneel at the edge of the stage or on the sides where the prayer benches are to pray and be prayed with by members of the Care Team. 

The time of worship in song will be accompanied by a time to worship God in a different way as we listen to a message from the Bible, which is God's love letter and instruction manual for Christians. There will also be a time to worship God with our thanks for His provision for each of us as we voluntarily participate in the offering collection. 

As we leave the service, we are encouraged to keep the songs and the message in our minds as we carry God's love outside the sanctuary into the world around us.